2 Floral Options For A Loved One's Get Well Soon Bouquet


Whether you have a friend spending time in the hospital after an accident or a family member is recovering from an illness or disease, giving them a get well soon bouquet or arrangement will let them know you are thinking about them. In addition, certain flowers and plants can bring enormous amounts of beauty and cheer to a dull hospital room. Of course, choosing which flowers are best can be a bit overwhelming because of the various options available. Here are a few floral options to consider for your loved one's get-well soon arrangement.


One of the most unique arrangements you can send or bring to your loved one is a pot or planter full of bulbs. Bulbs are especially ideal if your loved one will be spending a long period of time in the hospital, since they require time to sprout. Not only will they have some cheer while in the hospital, but they can also bring the pot home to replant in their own garden or landscape.

When choosing a pot, make sure it is large enough to have an inch of space between the rim of the pot and the tip of the bulb. Also, you should be able to have around 2 inches of soil under your bulbs. This ensures the bulbs are receiving sufficient moisture and air circulation.

Consider potting tulip bulbs in the fall season. In some instances, your loved one may be able to see some portions of the bulb sprout towards the end of winter. However, tulips will sprout and bloom in the spring season.


Most people agree that daisies offer a look that induces happiness, so these flowers are perfectly suited for your loved ones get-well bouquet.

A large bouquet of white daisies may seem simple, but the bright and airy look provides beauty and texture that stands the test of time. If you want to incorporate a bit more color into your loved one's hospital room, opt for a bouquet that contains pink daisies or an arrangement filled with rainbow-colored daisies.

One of the greatest benefits of these flowers is their ease of maintenance. Daisies do not require an excessive amount of water, but they do prefer the sun. Make sure to place the daisy arrangement near a window in your loved one's hospital room.

From tulip bulbs and a large assortment of colorful or classic daisies, creating a get well soon bouquet does not have to be challenging. However, if you are intimidated by the thought of gardening, turn to a professional florist


25 June 2018

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