Unusual Gifts For A New Baby


It's fun to celebrate a new baby with a gift; however, gift givers often are stumped when trying to come up with a meaningful gift that the baby's parents will use and appreciate. If you're in this situation, read on for some gift ideas for that new baby in your life.


A floral arrangement delivery from a company like Pamela's Flowers is a classic baby gift that will be appreciated by all new parents. Sometimes, in a haze of all-night feedings when the house is a mess, fresh flowers are just what new parents need to give them a little lift. The only downside of fresh flowers is that they don't last forever. To make the flowers a keepsake gift, ask the delivery service to include a little baby gift with the bouquet, like an unusual vase the parents will cherish. Another option is to ask the delivery service to send a plant instead. The new parents can put the plant in their yard and be reminded of you and their baby's birth when it blooms every year. 

Meal Delivery

Parents to a new baby are very busy, especially if there are older children in the house. People often bring home cooked meals to new parents, but with those meals can come perceived obligations. Perhaps the new family will feel the need to clean before your visit or the new mother might change out of her comfy PJs before your arrival. To keep your gift unobtrusive, consider a meal delivery service. Even a gift certificate to the local pizza place will be perfect for those nights when dinner just isn't going to happen. Save the home cooked meal for when the baby is a bit older and parents are still busy, but taking a shower doesn't seem like such a daunting task. 

House Cleaning

Some people just can't relax if their house is a mess. If they have a cluttered floor, they have a cluttered mind. Help new parents like this out by hiring a cleaning service for the first few months of the baby's life. This will allow new parents to focus on their new little one's first few fleeting weeks rather than spend time dusting and picking burp cloths off the floor. 

Parent and Me Class

Parenthood can be isolating, especially for a parent who chooses to stay home with the baby. To help alleviate this isolation, sign the new baby and his or her parent up for a parent and me class. Baby yoga, music classes and parent and baby support groups are all available and are wonderful ways for a parent to bond with the new baby while making friendships that could last a lifetime. What is a better gift than that?  


9 April 2018

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