How To Make A 50Th Wedding Anniversary Extra Special For A Low-Key Couple


A 50th wedding anniversary is an extremely momentous occasion. Of all anniversaries, it is often the most significant. This golden anniversary calls for an extra special celebration. Though such an event calls for a big party, some couples prefer a quieter celebration. The following are some special things that are ideal for any couple celebrating such a special occasion while still remaining low-key:

Celebrate with a Special Gift of Flowers

Flowers are always a welcomed gift for any occasion, but a 50th wedding anniversary calls for a special arrangement or bouquet. The official flower of the 50th anniversary is the violet. While your entire arrangement does not have to be violets, it is nice to sprinkle some in along with flowers of complementing colors.

Roses are always a sign of love and are available in numerous colors. White roses with violets are a gorgeous combination. If you want to accentuate the "golden" aspect of the 50th anniversary, you can choose a variety of roses in a deep yellow color, such as Goldfinch or Golden Memories.

The flowers designed into a lovely arrangement in a vase is lovely, but a replica of the bride's bouquet is also a very special gift.

Have an Outdoor Celebration

Another low-key option for such an occasion is a simple outdoor celebration. A picnic in a local park with the couple's family is a lovely way to spend the day. You can even plan a nice family reunion to celebrate the occasion. Welcoming in relatives that you do not see often can be such a loving way to spend the day. It does not have to be expensive. Use some good quality plastic plates, cups, and cutlery along with colorful table coverings. Have some simple floral arrangements made for the tables? You can even make it a potluck to ease the process, or have it catered by a local barbecue joint. Just make it fun and about the couple that you are celebrating.

Start a Family Quilt

If you have a quilter in the family, a family quilt is a lovely way to memorialize a 50th anniversary. Have all of the family members create their own quilt block. They can write on it, children can draw on them, or they can make them from special pieces of fabric like an old wedding dress or a child's baby outfit. Deliver the quilt blocks to the quilter to have them pieced together and present the gift to the couple. They are sure to cherish it.

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16 February 2018

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